Withdrawal Conditions


  1. The IBC container must be empty. Any product residue must be removed.
  2. Valves and other closures must be functional, closed and in their original place.
  3. Plates and / or identification plates must be mounted and visible.
  4. The tanks must be free of residues on the external part.
  5. The original labels of the last filling product, in accordance with the transport regulations currently in force, must not be removed or made illegible.
  6. The original UN mark of the IBC container must be visible and legible.
  7. Pallets, metal frame and inner wineskin must be in conditions that are reusable.
  8. Pallets and crates must not be broken, oxidized or deformed.
  9. The IBC container must be DECONTAMINATED, if the last product contained has been flammable, toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic or highly dangerous, in accordance with the regulations in force (Dlgs 152/2006; 2000/532 CE; 689/91 CE).
  10. The same must be marked as such with the appropriate “NEUTRALIZED” label.
  11. It is also necessary to present a written and signed declaration of the remediation.
  12. The IBC container must not have subsequently contained products other than those indicated.
  13. The safety data sheets must be delivered, in case of request, by the holder to the company appointed by Green Net Service for collection.
  14. The evaluation of the packaging will be carried out on the reconditioner site at the time of unloading. This evaluation is binding.
  15. The company appointed by Green Net Service for collection has the right to issue an invoice for any “empty” transport costs or in the event that the number of tanks withdrawn does not correspond to the quantity indicated in the aforementioned request.
The holder explicitly agrees to bear the following costs:
  • the cost of transport for the collection and return of non-compliant packaging.
  • the cost for the disposal of non-compliant packaging (up to 50 Euro / IBC).
  • the cost for the disposal of residual substances (1.75 Euro / Kg).
  • any other expense resulting from non-compliance.